Suwasthi Gas Relief Pro Powder - 250gms

Suwasthi Gas Relief Pro Powder - 250gms

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Introducing our premium quality Organic Gas Relief Pro Powder, made from the finest blend of three powerful fruits - Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. These ancient Ayurvedic ingredients are known for their numerous health benefits and are expertly combined to create this potent formula.

Our Gas Relief Pro Powder is 100% organic and free from any additives, preservatives, or harmful chemicals. It's a natural digestive aid that can help improve gut health, boost the immune system, and promote overall wellness. The powder is easy to use and can be added to drinks, smoothies, or taken directly with water.

Experience the power of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with our Gas Relief Pro Powder. Try it today and feel the difference!




Haritaki: Haritaki is known for its ability to cleanse the digestive system and support overall digestive health. It can also help to balance the three doshas in the body and promote mental clarity and focus.

Bibhitaki: Bibhitaki is an important ingredient in Triphala, known for its ability to support respiratory health, improve digestion, and cleanse the lymphatic system. It can also help to balance the Kapha dosha in the body and promote healthy weight management.

When combined, these three ingredients create a powerful formula that supports overall health and wellness. Our Organic Triphala Powder is made from the finest quality ingredients and is free from any additives or preservatives, making it a safe and natural choice for improving your health.


How to use:


Mix 6-8gms of powder in hot water and consume it every day on an empty stomach in the morning for best results.