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SUWASTHI is a quality-driven, premium brand that specializes
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Diabetes Care
Power of Ayurveda

Diabetes Care

Juices with no added sugar


Balancing Sugar

Balancing Sugar

Made from 100% Pure & Natural Ingredients

Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage
Suwasthi Karela Jamun Powder
Suwasthi Karela Jamun Powder
Suwasthi Gas Relief Pro - 250 gms
Suwasthi Gas Relief Pro - 250 gms
Suwasthi Diachol Healthcare Powder - 250g

Know about Ayurveda

Indian Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing system, harmonizes mind, body, and spirit through natural remedies and lifestyle practices, emphasizing personalized well-being rooted in balance and harmony with nature.

Life transformation ingredients
Rooted in Wellness

A tapestry of turmeric and ginger roots, known for their anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.

Herbal Harmony

A blend of dried herbs, from calming chamomile to energizing ginseng, each with a legacy of healing.

Ancient Spices

A pinch of time-honored spices, like the invigorating warmth of cinnamon, known for its blood sugar regulating properties.

Balances Sugar Levels

Improves Heart Health

Helps Boost Immunity

Helps Detoxify Body

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