True Herbs Giloy Tulsi Juice - 1 litre

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Giloy Tulsi Juice contains two super-ingredients - Giloy & Tulsi. These two ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help reduce respiratory problems, enhance metabolic function, improves digestion, combat liver disease and urinary tract infections.


Powered with the goodness of potent Ayurvedic herbs, Giloy is considered to strengthen the body’s immune system and help fight infections. Tulsi is loaded with powerful antioxidants and nutrients, it fights free radicals, keeps your cells healthy and may help you in warding off infections.


Enriched with powerful herbs, Suwasthi Giloy Tulsi Juice has natural immunomodulator, antioxidant, anti-allergic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Regular consumption of this juice enables the body to fight infection-causing germs and prevents seasonal cold and cough.


Suwasthi Giloy Tulsi Juice is beneficial in improving digestion and treats bowel-related issues. It additionally enhances metabolism and is known to balance all three doshas.

Suwasthi Giloy Tulsi Juice for immunity booster is extracted from fresh Tulsi leaves and Giloy stems. These two herbs individually have great health benefits, and together, they become more effective in boosting your immunity levels. Tulsi and Giloy are popular and useful Ayurvedic herbs. They have been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicines to treat respiratory illnesses, infections and allergies.

Giloy is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps combat body pain, joint ache and is considered an anti-arthritic herb. Tulsi is helpful in building a strong immune system. The holy basil is used in herbal remedies for a lot of common ailments, like cold and cough, flu, fever, respiratory problems and more. Modern scientific research offers evidence that Tulsi may help reduce stress, enhance stamina, relieve inflammation, flush out toxins, improve digestion and provide a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients to the body. Our Giloy Tulsi Juice also helps maintain a healthy digestive system and improves metabolic rate which helps with your weight management goals.It may help in reducing high uric acid levels. Consume True Herbs Giloy Tulsi Juice on a regular basis to keep your body active and infections free.

BENEFITS OF NEEM-GROWN GILOY: Suwasthi Tulsi-Giloy Juice is power-packed with the goodness of  Tulsi and Giloy an Ayurvedic climber that organically grows on Neem trees. We ensure that the hard stems are cut for the juice and the green part is retained while scraping away the bark.

IMMUNITY: Giloy being antimicrobial and antibacterial in nature participates in strengthening the immunity. Flavonoids and Lactones present in Giloy stem are responsible to control and diagnose respiratory problems as well.

WITH THE GOODNESS OF NEEM: We ensure that we use Neem grown Giloy as it contains the enhanced benefits of Neem.Being anti-inflammatory in nature, Suwasthi  Tulsi- Giloy Juice helps in alleviating inflammations. It also works as a good detoxifier by flushing out toxins and also helps in improving skin health.

ORGANICALLY GROWN INGREDIENTS: Our raw materials are organically grown and even while processing them, we make sure that no harmful chemicals are added to our products. We do not use regular Giloy,Tulsi and prefer Neem-grown Gilloy instead because it benefits us with the properties of Neem as well.

NO ADDED COLOURS OR FLAVOURS IN THIS JUICE: Suwasthi Tulsi-Giloy Juice is GMP-certified and FSSAI approved, which makes it safe to consume. No added sugar or sweetener like Sorbitol is present in the juice. We believe in providing you with the best of what Nature has to offer.

  1. Take 30ml True herbs Giloy Tulsi juice
  2. mix it with 30ml of water
  3. Consume it twice in a day, Morning(30ml empty stomach) evening (30ml 1 hour after dinner).